Traveller’s Bazaar – Quinn Russell

In Blog by Alfred Anderson

Just three days ago (July 8th) I was contacted by Quinn Russell of Traveller’s Bazaar and he expressed urgency in a very important project that he needed completed by Friday (July 10th). I won’t give the exact details as to why this project was done but I’m extremely excited. I usually require much more notice and time for post production but for what the project was worth I couldn’t help but make a huge sacrifice. That very day we schedule a skype meeting and the following day Quinn had arrived on the island of Grand Bahama!

This being our hurricane season the weather is extremely unpredictable. It rained the entire day before his arrival and I was really worried that we may not have had the opportunity to complete this project. The universe worked in our favor and just 30 minutes before landing, the skies cleared up and we were able to begin our first day of filming at the Grand Lucayan in their Presidential suite. It was absolutely gorgeous and the views were amazing.

The following day we visited the Garden of the Groves and again we had to battle the rainy weather. The Garden of the Groves has always been one of my favorite locations on the island.

Much to my surprise I was able to complete the editing by Thursday night. Working with Quinn made things really easy as he was extremely prepared and focus on what he needed to do. Below is just a small sample of the over all project. Due to good reason I will not be releasing the full version.